Student Support

1 Financial support for students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Financial support for students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Japanese)


2 Tuition exemptions, tuition and scholarships and related topics

3 Honor student system

Academic performance

Faculty of Education 3
Faculty of Medicine 4
Faculty of Engineering 7
Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

4 Academic performance award system


  Third-year students (Fourth-year in the Faculty of Medicine) who have achieved particularly excellent grades in their studies and are recognized as model students will be awarded, and given scholarships as a supplementary prize.

5 About the student insurance system

  Students should be sure to apply for Student Insurance, which covers accidents in student life during internships, clinical training, educational training and extracurricular activities as well as during normal class activities.  Insurance programs are available within the university campus.  For more information, contact staff by calling the telephone number listed below of the insurance of your choice.

※Be sure to check the validity period of your insurance. In particular, if your period of enrollment is longer than originally planned due to international study, leave of absence etc., be careful to ensure that you are covered by a Student Insurance policy.

 Insurance coverage only for educational and research activities

Academic Affairs Support Department, Student Supporting Division

  This type of insurance only covers students when they are involved in educational and research activities, including classes, school events, extracurricular activities both on and off campus that have been reported to the university, and commuting time to and from the university.
  Student Education, Research, Disaster and Accident Insurance (see official HP) and Student Education, Research, Disaster and Liability Insurance (see official HP(Japanese))
  Disaster and Accident Insurance is paid in the event of sudden accident which causes physical damage to the student covered.  Liability Insurance pays for damages done to another person or another person’s property by the student covered.

For more information, contact the Academic Affairs Support Department, Student Supporting Division (Tel.  055-220-8053・8054).

Insurance that also covers daily life outside of education and research activities

  Student Education, Research, Disaster and Accident Insurance (see official HP) and Student Education, Research, Disaster and Student Life Comprehensive Insurance (see official HP(Japanese))
 Students in the Student Education, Research, Disaster and Accident Insurance program can also apply to the Comprehensive Insurance plan, which covers risks that occur both on and off campus, focusing on compensation not only for illness and accident of the student, but also compensation for school fees such as tuition payment in the event that accident befalls the student’s parents or guardians.

For more information, contact the Student Life Insurance Counseling Desk (Tel. 0120-811806)

6 Student counseling system

  The University of Yamanashi has many student counseling offices to respond to various consultations from students.  If you have any problems, or are worried about something and want to ask for advice, feel free to consult with us.

Student counseling

7 Study support system for students with disabilities

Student Support Center (Japanese)

  The Accessibility and Communication Support Office in the Student Support Center is a consultation area to support students with disabilities or other special needs throughout their university life.  We connect students who need support with faculty members and student supporters, aiming to create an environment in which our special students can lead a smooth student life.  We accept not only consultation from students, but also consultation from concerned parents or guardians and faculty members.

8 Student dormitories

  Two student dormitories have been established for students who would have difficulty commuting to the university due to distance or other reasons.

9 Apartment referral

  The University of Yamanashi Co-op provides referral services to students who are looking for apartments or other forms of housing.  Rental conditions vary according to type of building and equipment, so please contact the University of Yamanashi Co-op for details.

University of Yamanashi Co-op HP (Japanese)

10 Part-time job referral

  In the Career Center notification floor of the Kofu Campus and the Academic Affairs Office of the Medical School Campus, you can view notifications of vacancies for part-time work as a tutor and be referred for a suitable position.

11 Crisis Management Manual for Students

  The Crisis Management Manual for Students is a summary of topics related to crises you may encounter during your student life, including topics such as ‘Precautions to prevent troubles and accidents,’‛Elementary response in the event of an accident,’‛How to consult about physical or mental problems,’ and ‘Response to disasters.’

Crisis Management Manual for Students (PDF) (Japanese)

12 Guide to Student Life

  In the 2020 Guide to Student Life you can find information you need in your student life, including campus information, an extracurricular activity guide, and information regarding financial support such as scholarships.

2020 Guide to Student Life (Japanese)