Student counseling desk

Emergency contact

 Mon~Fri 8:30~17:15

Student Supporting Division 055-220-8051
Faculty of Education Support Division 055-220-8729 
Faculty of Engineering Support Division 055-220-8734 
Faculty of Engineering Support Division 055-220-8807 
Kofu Campus : Health Care Center 055-220-8081 
Medicine : Academic Affairs Division 055-273-9346 
Fuculty of Medicine Campus : Health Care Center 055-273-9312 

 Holidays and Weekday night 17: 15-8: 30 the next morning

Kofu Campus 055-220-8032 
Fuculty of Medicine Campus 055-273-1113 

 Holidays 7:00 to 19:00,Weekday night 19:00-7:00 the next morning

Kofu Medical Association Emergency Medical Center 055-226-3399

University counseling desk

 Health Care Center

Kofu Campus 055-220-8081
Fuculty of Medicine Campus 055-273-9312

 Student counseling room

Kofu Campus : Student Supporting Division 055-220-8051 
Fuculty of Medicine Campus : Academic Affairs Division 055-273-9346

 Career Center

Career advisor 055-220-8319

  Harassment consultation

 Student Support Center

 Class teacher

Consultation for international students

Center for Promotion of Internationalization 055-220-8753
or International Office 055-220-8047/8373