University Symbol & Motto


“Creating the Backbone of the Community and Developing Citizens of the World”

We at the University of Yamanashi aim to nurture students and teachers with a high level of culture and ethics as well as broad cultural experiences and deep expertise. Our graduates can become not only part of the backbone of the community but also “citizens of the world” capable of contributing to global peace and the welfare of people everywhere.

Our Symbol

シンボルマークThis symbol was designed to be a relief of a grapevine laden with bunches of grapes illuminated by the sun.

The joined circle expresses the idea of the melding of disciplines, knowledge, and research bred in the university that will circulate to the community and beyond, eventually returning to the university bringing ever novel ideas to be developed and disseminated. The independent circle symbolizes the shining sun and ideals sought by the new University of Yamanashi.

From ancient times, grapes have been known as a symbol of life, knowledge, and culture.

With the sun shining on them, grapes also symbolize the University of Yamanashi and its growing contribution to global society.


Brand mark

The design is based on a seed (Samara) of maple, which is a prefectural tree of Yamanashi, and the initial “Y” of UNIVERSITY OF YAMANASHI.

The two wings, which are organic and flowing curves, are asymmetrical to the left and right to create a sense of dynamism, depth, and three-dimensionality. From the image of a seed soaring high into the blue sky, blue was selected as the main color.

The maple seed, which rides on the gentle breeze and flies far, symbolizes the achievements and human resources that bear fruit on our campus and are delivered to the world and far into the future.