The University of Yamanashi Charter

  The University of Yamanashi respects the individual as well as the freedom of academic inquiry and the pursuit of truth. We proactively accept diverse cultures and values.

  The University of Yamanshi is a place where people with strong minds are developed into individuals ready to respond to the demands of society in pursuit of broad knowledge and deep expertise. Our graduates are prepared to become community leaders and to contribute to global peace and the welfare of everyone.

  Based on this charter, directors, faculty, and students of the University of Yamanashi, in cooperation with all like-minded individuals, aim to achieve the following objectives:

Education and Research Concerned With Future Generations
  At the University of Yamanashi, we engage in education and research based on concerns not only for our current generation but also for the welfare of future generations and the environment.

Melding Various Disciplines
  At the University of Yamanashi, we work together outside of our areas of specialty, creating new fields of learning that flexibly combine a range of disciplines to solve diverse issues.

Creating International Research Centers
  At the University of Yamanashi, we take an international view for finding problems and solving them. We create research centers that draw people from around the world and contribute to academic learning and the development of science and technology.

Fostering Individuals who Succeed in Global Society
  At the University of Yamanashi, we develop citizens with ethics and autonomy by supporting students and encouraging them to effectively use their expertise to play a role in global society.

From the Community to the World
  At the University of Yamanashi, we examine issues faced by the local community and work with the community for achieving solutions, the results of which we then share with the world.

Giving Back to Society
  At the University of Yamanashi, we apply the results of education and research to society so that we can serve and proactively give back to society.

Continual Reform
  At the University of Yamanashi, we introspectively assess our efforts and ask for inputs from society as we continually engage in the reform.