Environmental Initiatives

University of Yamanashi Environmental Declaration

  In order for humankind to continue to thrive in the 21st century, it is necessary to reduce the stress we impose on the environment through our collective behavior by building a zero-emission society based on the material cycle. It is our duty to build and maintain a sustainable recycling-oriented society, and efforts toward this are indispensable. Therefore, it is our aim to implement specific environmental activities to contribute to the improvement of the global environment from the perspective of education and academic research.

Basic Policy

  In order to realize our Basic Environmental Philosophy, in cooperation with all people involved in the University, the University administration has taken the position that we shall voluntarily and proactively take collective and individual action to preserve the environment.

  1. In order to promote activities to conserve and improve the global environment, we pledge to cultivate individuals, through education and academic research, to play an important role in a recycling-oriented society.
  2. We pledge to set environmental targets and will strive to continuously improve our environmental management systems.
  3. Aiming to realize a recycling-oriented society, we pledge to conserve resources and energy by reducing consumption, reusing where possible, and recycling when reuse is not possible. Furthermore, we will strive to conserve and improve the environment and prevent pollution.
  4. We pledge to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, agreements and our internal voluntary standards.
  5. We pledge to actively participate in environmental initiatives in Yamanashi Prefecture to support the activities for the conservation and protection of the local environment.
  6. This environmental declaration will be documented and made known to all people involved in the University through our website, and it will also be disclosed to the local community. We will also disclose our environmental activities.