University of Yamanashi Official Movie

New Movie

1.The Quest to Understand the Brain ~Connecting the brain, immunity and academic research~【Official Movie 2022(English version)】

2.The University of Yamanashi Integrated Teaching Program for Elementary School Education in Yamanashi (Kitenkan Program)【Official Movie 2022(English version)】

3. Peace of Mind for all Patients ~University of Yamanashi Hospital~
【Official Movie 2022(English and Chinese version)】

4.The History of the University of Yamanashi 【Official Movie 2021(English version)】

5.University of Yamanashi Official  Movie (English version)

6.University of Yamanashi Faculty of Medicine School of Nursing Official  Movie
(English version)

7.University of Yamanashi Faculty of Engineering Official  Movie(English version)

Faculty introduction movie (English version)



8.“Jump in!” University of Yamanashi 【Official Movie 2019(English version)】