Promotion of Gender Equality

Declaration of Action to Promote Gender Equality by the President of the University of Yamanashi

  Gender equality is an urgent and very important issue at the University of Yamanashi. The development of excellent human resources with the ability to integrate gender equality into the workforce and the placement of these resources in vital areas in society have always been goals of this university, and the university strives to be a place where all members can use their ability and individuality to the fullest.          In order to fulfill the social responsibility that our university should bear, and aiming for further advances in gender equality, the following seven plans of action under our three basic policies to achieve our middle-term third-period planning period goals based on the University of Yamanashi Charter are listed below.

3 Basic Policies

  1. As an incorporated national university, we deeply understand the importance of the role we should play in understanding the Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society (1999), acting on those principles and disseminating the results of our actions both within the university and publicly.
  2. To create an environment within the University of Yamanashi that is suitable for the promotion of a gender-equal society, study goals and employment goals must be considered side-by-side, securing opportunities for all individuals to fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities, and we must raise awareness regarding this critical issue.
  3. Regardless of gender, we will actively contribute to the development of highly specialized human resources who will lead the future of Japan, and work on activities to broaden the base of applicants.

7 Plans of Action

  1. To ensure that all members of the university, regardless of gender, can balance work, life and study, we will support each individual and develop a gender-integrated environment. We will set up a consultation station for issues related to gender equality such as pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing, long-term care, education / research activities, harassment and human relations, and promote awareness of related systems.
  2. We will promote the participation of women in the decision-making process. From April 2016, a new female officer will be appointed and the ratio of female managers will be raised to 11%. Under the policy of “priority is given to women if their abilities are equal,” we will continue to actively hire and train female researchers, and by 2020, our goal is to increase the percentage of female professors to 12.5% and the percentage of female associate professors and lecturers to 20%. Also, we will establish a support/promotion system to enable women to actively participate as leaders not only within the university, but also in academic societies and in society.
  3. From an international perspective, we will promote gender equality within the university and strive to procure excellent human resources. To create an environment suitable for global research and education systems, we will take various measures to support both foreign researchers and international students.
  4. As a “center of local knowledge,” we will actively spread awareness of gender equality in the Yamanashi area. We will promote cooperation with government agencies, companies and other universities in the prefecture, and actively carry out public relations activities through websites and by other means.
  5. In order to contribute to the development of female researchers who will be responsible for future academic research, we have newly established the “University of Yamanashi Award to Promote Gender Equality in Academic Research” to recognize female researchers or research teams of our university who have achieved excellent research results. Every year a Gender Equality Symposium is held, with an awards ceremony and lectures by the award winners.
  6. We will establish a system to support not only female students, but also graduates and other women who have completed study at the University of Yamanashi in their careers. We will also actively create classes related to the promotion of gender equality, hold workshops to help students consider future careers, and provide career guidance to develop young human resources who will become the driving force to create our future gender-equal society. In addition, every year we hold events to inform female junior and senior high school students of our efforts and provide science and engineering research experiences to them.
  7. We will continue to expand and maintain the Gender Equality Promotion Office and build a permanent support system for gender equality activities. The Gender Equality Promotion Headquarters conducts a self-assessment every year on the current state of gender equality for the entire university and each faculty, and publicizes the results widely.

                                                                                                  September 30, 2015                                                                                                                                    Shinji Shimada, M.D., Ph.D.                                                                                                      President, University of Yamanashi

Background and Aims of this Declaration

Action Plan Based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace

  Based on the law concerning the promotion of women’s careers (Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace), the University aims to foster individuals who are committed to a gender-equal society, and has formulated and implemented an action plan to ensure that all members of the University community can fully realize their career potential.

Personnel Policy of the University Regarding the Hiring of Faculty Members and Staff of Diverse Backgrounds

  The University will endeavor to create a suitable working environment by hiring and promoting employees based on their abilities regardless of gender, age or nationality through:

  • Active recruitment and promotion of female staff based on fair selection and evaluation criteria
  • Ensuring opportunities for faculty and staff to demonstrate their abilities, regardless of age
  • Active recruitment of foreign faculty members and staff to promote internationalization
  • Establishing a comfortable working environment that is supportive to the needs of female staff members

Gender Equality Promotion Office

  The “Gender Equality Promotion Office” (established in January 2015) provides on-demand support to female researchers at various stages of life, removes the uncertainty young female researchers have about the future, and makes it possible to expand the base of researchers. Based on such activities as “fostering a friendly atmosphere,” we are striving to create an environment in which everyone can work and learn more easily.                                                                                                                                           In particular, we systematize and manage the support for female researchers to return from maternity leave, childcare leave and other life events in order to reestablish their research activities.

Target Numbers ​​for the Promotion of Female Executives and Managers Set by the University of Yamanashi

【Target number】
Executives 12.5% Managers 11.1%