Enrollment Fees and Tuition


Category Annual Tuition Enrollment Fee Screening Fee
Undergraduate 535,800 yen 282,000yen 17,000yen
Graduate 535,800yen 282,000yen 30,000yen
One-Year Advanced Program (Special Advanced Program in Special Support Education) 273,900yen 58,400yen 16,500yen
Category Annual Tuition Enrollment Fee Screening Fee
Research Students & Special Research Students 29,700 yen (monthly) 84,600yen 9,800yen
Partial Students and Occasional Students 14,800 yen (per credit) 28,200yen 9,800yen
  • If tuition amounts while a student is attending school have been revised, new tuition will be applied to that student.
  • Special research students and occasional students may have tuition exempted because of other regulations.

2.Tuition Payment Method and Timing

Tuition is paid once for the first term and again for the second term, generally by direct debit from a bank account (the school covers any debiting fees). If this is not possible, payment may be made in cash at a Tuition Payment Desk.
Notifications of payment are made via the Campus Networking Service (YINS-CNS) and the university website (please be aware that notifications are not made via mail).

1)Account debit

Payment may be made by direct debit on specified dates from a bank account in the name of the student who has submitted an account registration form.

2020 First-Term Debit Date: Monday, April 27
2020 Second-Term Debit Date: Monday, October 26

2)Payment at Tuition Payment Desks

Please pay in cash at a Tuition Payment Desk located at each campus during the payment period.

[Tuition Payment Desks]
Kofu West Campus: Tuition Payment Desk is in the accounting division on the second floor of the university administration building.
The Faculty of Medicine Campus: Tuition Payment Desk is in the hospital administrative division on the first floor of the administration building.
* Excluding weekends and holidays, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

[Payment Period]
First Term: April 1-30
Second Term: October 1-31

3.Tuition Direct Debit Process

  • Any account at a national financial institution (including Japan Post Bank) is acceptable. However, students must submit bank information after confirming the points given below as account registration forms vary by institution. Furthermore, the specified account must be in the name of the student.
  • After filling all required items on the account registration form, please submit the form to the Tuition Payment Desk at the Kofu campus or the Faculty of Medicine campus.
  • Please confirm that debiting has been successfully done in your bank passbook. This charge will appear as “授業料 ヤマナシダイガク” [Tuition, University of Yamanashi] on a Yamanashi Chuo Bank passbook, “授業料 山梨大学” [same] on a Japan Post Bank passbook and in similar formats in the passbooks of other financial institutions.
  • Those requiring certificates of payment should request for the same at the Tuition Payment Desk of each campus on the fifth day or after in the following month of the debiting date. Students will be required to present their student IDs.

Inquiries Regarding Tuition

Accounts Receivable Group, Accounting Division, Financial Management Department
Telephone: 055-220-8025 (or 8026)