Original financial support methods

 The University of Yamanashi has the following scholarship support system, designed to increase students’ incentives for study.

Exemption from tuition fees for honor students

  Students with particularly excellent academic performance who are also recognized as having admirable character are selected as honor students, and are exempted from tuition fee payment.

  From 2020, the period of implementation of the honor roll system changed from the second semester to the first semester.

What type of student is selected as an honor roll student?

  Students in their final year at the university in any faculty, who are chosen as honor student candidates within their faculty due to their excellent character and outstanding academic performance, are recommended by the university president to become honor students.

Amount of exemption

 Honor students are exempted from payment of the full tuition fee for the first semester, \267,900.

Graduate school academic research incentive payment

  This is an incentive system for graduate school students, designed to encourage academic efforts and reduce the financial burden on student life.

What type of students are recipients?

  Recipients of this financial support system are students enrolled in the doctorate program of the Integrated Graduate School of Medicine, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences or the Graduate School of Education who have applied for academic incentive financial support.

Amount of grant

  After deduction of the tuition exemption amount and the admission fee exemption amount, the grant payment will be calculated within the amount equivalent to the tuition fee, \267,900 for each semester.

Method of bestowing grant

  Applications from students will be received in both the first and second semesters, and students who are selected to receive the grants will be paid the amount calculated as explained above for that semester.

Nakata Foundation for Fostering Human Resources Scholarship (Comprehensive Collaboration Alliance)

  The Nakata Foundation for Fostering Human Resources and the University of Yamanashi signed an Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration, which enabled students from the University of Yamanashi to receive scholarships from 2016.

  The scholarship is designed to assist students who have excellent academic performance and excellent character but have difficulty continuing their studies due to financial reasons, and is paid to students that the university president has recommended as promising members of society that will lead the next generation.

Students eligible to receive this scholarship

  Undergraduate students (excluding international students)

  Students with excellent character and academic achievements who have difficulty studying due to financial reasons

Scholarship details

Amount of grant \30,000 per month
Number of recipients 6 students

Selection and determination of scholarship recipients

  Scholarship recipients will be selected from among the applicants through comprehensive evaluation of their financial situation, academic performance etc.
(Application period for 2019: April to early May)

University of Yamanashi Academic Support Project Financial Support Scholarship

  The University of Yamanashi Education and Research Support Fund provides grant-type scholarships that need not be returned to undergraduate students who have excellent academic ability but extreme difficulty in continuing their studies due to financial difficulty.

Students eligible to receive the grant

  Undergraduate students who applied for tuition exemption but are not eligible to apply under the new system of higher education study support are eligible.

Scholarship details

Amount of grant : The entire tuition fee or half of the tuition fee for each semester will be paid as a lump sum.
Number of students receiving the grant : As many as the budget allows

Selection method

  Among the students eligible for the scholarship, those with a high degree of financial difficulty (determined by household finance evaluation) will be chosen based on the selection criteria for tuition exemption.

Exemption from admission fee for master’s degree students in graduate school

  Students who have passed the master’s program entrance examination (excluding those chosen in the third-term additional recruitment period) and who have shown excellent academic performance and excellent character are eligible for exemption from admission fee payment as honor students.

Students who are selected as honor students

  Students who have passed the entrance examination for the master’s program (excluding those chosen in the third-term additional recruitment period, and in the case of the Graduate School of Education, also excluding teachers sent by the Yamanashi Prefectural Board of Education to study in the Graduate School for Teacher Education), who have shown excellent academic performance and excellent character are selected as honor students.

Amount of Exemption

 Students chosen are exempted from paying the total admission fee, \282,000.


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