Students from Suzhou University in China participated in the Japanese Culture Experience Program

02/21/2024 Topics

 From January 15 (Mon.) to 21 (Sun.), 2024, 19 students and a professor from Suzhou University in China visited University of Yamanashi (UY). Suzhou University and UY concluded an exchange agreement in January 2024, and based on this agreement, Japanese cultural experience program was implemented.
 On Jan 16th, orientation by prof. Nishizaki, Director of the Center for the Promotion of Internationalization, and a campus tour by UY’ Student Assistants (SAs) were held. In the afternoon, all the students experienced wearing Kimono on and Ikebana flower arrangement as a Japanese cultural experience. The students commented on how beautiful and impressive the flowers were. Afterwards, a welcome party was held between the SAs and the students, where the students enjoyed the opportunity to interact each other.
 On Jan 17th, students visited laboratories in the faculty of Engineering and the faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, where faculty members and students from each laboratory explained their latest research and provided hands-on experience. The students actively asked questions and showed strong interest in the unique research. In the afternoon, they had Furoshiki workshop, which was a very good opportunity to experience the artistry and traditional culture of Japanese wrapping culture.
 On Jan 18th, the group visited the research facilities of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center. After that, they visited Sadoya Winery to see the history of wine production in Yamanashi and its manufacturing process. In the afternoon, participants experienced Shakuhachi and Koto. After listening to an explanation of the history of the Shakuhachi and Koto, the students actually experienced playing them, making it a fulfilling opportunity. In the evening, a BBQ party was held to deepen exchanges with SAs.
 On Jan 19th, the group visited Chateraise Corporation, where they were given a briefing on the company’s business and had the opportunity to taste some of the cakes and confections produced by the company. For lunch, they had a chance to experience Japanese food culture by eating “Hoto,” a local food of Yamanashi.
 On Jan 20th, they traveled to Mt. Fuji area, and visited Oshinohakkai. Fuji could not be seen due to the weather condition, but the students were able to enjoy the snowy landscape and were impressed by the beautiful scenery. After dinner, the students and SAs were divided into teams for a workshop to deepen mutual exchange and teamwork.
 On Jan 21st, students and SAs were divided into 6 teams and held a workshop on the subject of Kanji characters. Each group worked enthusiastically and cooperatively, and the best team was awarded with the prize. In the afternoon, they visited Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Motosu. The rainy weather miraculously recovered and they fully enjoied Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi and Red Mt.Fuji from Lake Motosu. The students who participated in this program were able to finish the entire 7-day program in Yamanashi with a great impression.
 At the end of the program, a certificate of completion was given to each student by prof. Nishizaki. During 7days, participants deepened their understanding of UY, Yamanashi and Japan by experiencing Japanese culture, interacting with UY students, and visiting laboratories and companies etc.