Students and faculty from Khulna University, Bangladesh, participate in a program on advanced technologies in the field of telecommunications engineering

02/22/2024 Topics

 As part of Sakura Science Exchange Program (Sakura Invitation program) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, a program (hosted by Prof. Masanori Hanawa, Faculty of Engineering) was held at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi to promote cultural and educational exchange centering on science and technology. The program was conducted by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi, with the aim of promoting cultural and educational exchanges centering on science and technology. The entire program consisted of online exchanges before and after the visit and a seven-day stay in Japan.
 The inbound program included a campus tour, research presentations, group discussions, laboratory visits, workshops, visits to companies in Yamanashi Prefecture and Mt. Fuji Research Institute. During the workshops, which included research presentations by invited students and group discussions, participants engaged in in-depth discussions on their respective fields of expertise and cultures.
 Many of the participants commented that seeing how state-of-the-art industrial products are manufactured was a valuable experience that they could never have had without actually coming to Japan. Participants also commented that they not only gained new technological knowledge, but also became aware of their own unlimited potential, as they experienced the expanding possibilities offered by international exchange through science and technology. Furthermore, the invitees expressed high expectations for the implementation of international joint research and long-term stays. We will continue to strengthen our exchange relationship with the Khulna University and promote international inter-university exchange at our university.

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