Prof. Inukai’s paper published in the Journal of The Royal Society of Chemistry and featured on the back cover

01/23/2024 Topics

Scientific paper written by Prof. Junji Inukai “Clean Energy Research Center and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center,”and Mr. Solomon Wekesa Wakolo, third-year doctoral student, was published with a title “Various states of water species in an anion exchange membrane characterized by Raman spectroscopy under controlled temperature and humidity” in the academic journal “Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics” of The Royal Society of Chemistry. The article was featured on the back cover.
In this research, the types, chemical states, and amounts of water molecules in an anion exchange electrolyte membrane were analyzed and determined for the first time by using vibrational spectroscopy.
Prof. Inukai commented, “the results of this research not only give new insight in material chemistry, but also are expected to provide fundamental information for energy technologies such as fuel cells and water electrolysis.”