Paper by Prof. Kakinuma and his colleagues was selected to be featured on the back cover of the journal.

10/26/2023 Topics

 A paper by Prof. Katsuyoshi Kakinuma and Assistant Prof. Guoyu Shi of the Clean Energy Research Center and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, “Nanorod Structuring of IrOx on a Unique Microstructure of Sb-Doped Tin Oxide to Dramatically Boost the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity for PEM Water Electrolysis, ”was published in ACS Catalysis by the American Chemical Society, and was selected to be featured on the supplementary cover of the journal. In this paper, the invention of a new electrocatalyst for clean hydrogen generation was reported, based on their new concepts for materials. The catalyst has some potential to improve the catalytic activity with high durability, even though the noble metal loading amount is only 1/10 compared to the present, conventionally used catalyst. They have already started the mass production of the catalyst toward the improvement of the performance of hydrogen generation devices with several companies. Prof. Kakinuma commented that this new catalyst will contribute to the accomplishment of a Hydrogen Society in the near future.