Inner Mongolia Medical University in China visited University of Yamanashi.

11/02/2023 Topics

 On October 18th and 19th, Vice President Lu Haiwen, Deputy Director Ren Jianjun and Deputy Director Zhu Yong from Inner Mongolia Medical University in China visited University of Yamanashi.
 Inner Mongolia Medical University and University of Yamanashi had concluded the agreement on academic collaborations in 2007. Since then, the two universities have been exchanging faculty members and students continuously. The agreement was renewed due to a change in the name of the university and signed again between the Inner Monglia Medical University and the University of Yamanashi on September 16th, 2016 for further promoting the academic exchanges and collaboration between two universities especially in the field of medicine.
 On 18th, delegation visited Medical campus and paid a courtesy call to Dr. Hiroyuki Kiuchi (Director of University Hospital), Associate Professor Jian Yao (Faculty of Medicine) and Mr. Akira Ishihara (Director, Office for Faculty of Medicine). Afterwards, including international students from Inner Mongolia Medical University, a lively exchange of opinions took place regarding both universities and student exchange. Delegation toured the facilities of University Hospital and the laboratory of the Department of Advanced Biomedical Research to which the international students belong.
 On 19th, delegation paid a courtesy visit to president Kazuhiko Nakamura, prof. Hiromitsu Nishizaki (Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization) and Associate Professor Jian Yao and had signing ceremony at Kofu Campus. Both universities reviewed their past achievements, confirmed their commitment to further promote exchanges, and signed an agreement and a memorandum of understanding. After the signing, the two universities exchanged opinions on faculty and student exchanges, providing a good opportunity to promote exchange.