Ms. Carolina Coronado-Park, at the University of Northern Iowa, USA, visited University of Yamanashi (UY)

10/20/2023 Topics

 Ms. Carolina Coronado-Park, Director of International Engagement & Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP) at the University of Northern Iowa, USA, visited University of Yamanashi (UY) from Thursday, October 5 to Friday, October 6, 2023.
 CIEP and Center for Promotion of Internationalization (formerly the Center for International Education and Exchange) of UY have implemented a Language and Culture Program, including Job shadowing for students during Summer or Spring break and an online joint class since signing a program agreement in 2017. In 2021, we concluded an inter-university exchange agreement between UNI and UY to aim for further exchanges in the future. She visited us this time to exchange views on the possibility of the implementation of a double degree program and student exchange program.
 On October 5th, Carolina paid a courtesy visit to Executive Director Xiaoyang Mao (in charge of promoting globalization) and Professor Hiromitsu Nishizaki (Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization), and then held a meeting with professor Yoshihiro Nakayama, professor Kentaro Go and professor Takahiro Takei from Faculty of Engineering and Assistant Professor Takeshi Nunomura from Center for Promotion of Internationalization. In the afternoon, she visited Kofu First High School to observe English classes and exchange opinions about the possibility of participating in an English language and culture study program for high school students offered at UNI and English language education with high school teachers.
 On June 6, she exchanged opinions with Dean Shunji Suzuki of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, followed by a visit to the laboratory of Associate Professor Ryota Kataoka of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences and an exchange of opinions. She also had individual discussions with Professor Yasuhiro Omi from the Faculty of Education regarding further student exchange, such as internships for students of Faculty of Education in the future.
 It was an excellent opportunity to promote further exchange between the two universities over two days.