Yangzhou University in China visited the University of Yamanashi

10/19/2023 Topics

 On October 2nd, 2023, delegation from Yangzhou University in China, Professor Hongliang Yu (Vise president), Professor Jinquan Wang (Director of Humanities & Social Sciences), Professor Shanhua He (Dean of College of International Studies) and Associate professor Yang Sun (College of International Studies), visited the University of Yamanashi.
 In July 2020, we concluded an exchange agreement with Yangzhou University for the purpose of mutual student exchanges, exchanging faculty members and researchers, joint workshops, and promoting joint research and educational programs.
 The delegation first paid a courtesy visit on Executive Director Xiaoyang Mao (in charge of Research and Globalization Promotion), Dr. Hiroyuki Kiuchi (Director of University Hospital), Professor Hiromitsu Nishizaki (Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization) and Associate Professor Jian Yao (Faculty of Medicine), and they exchanged opinions on further exchange of students, faculty members, and researchers in the future and confirmed strengthen the relationship between the two universities.
 In the afternoon, delegation visited the Medical campus to see the facilities in the hospital and student practice. After the visit, delegation had a fruitful discussion on “Nursing and Care of the elderly” with Professor Tamami Taniguchi (Head of School of Nursing) and Associate Professor Jian Yao.