International exchange class with the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia!

05/19/2023 Topics

On Tuesday, May 16,2023, University of Yamanashi held a long distance, international exchange class with the University of Ljubljana, with which we have an exchange agreement.

The class was based on the theme “World Issues through the Lens of SDGs” from the general education course “Introduction to Global Health,” taught by Professor Kazuko Miyamoto of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization. A total of 16 students participated, including students from our university who were taking the same course and students from the Japanese Language Research Course, the Department of the Asian Studies at the University of Ljubljana.

In the class, each student chose a country that they think is a good place to live in the world from the perspective of the SDGs and presented reasons for the selection. They also exchanged opinions on the attractions and livability factors of each other’s countries, providing a meaningful opportunity for both groups of students to rediscover the goodness of their own countries and learn about other countries.

Professor Miyamoto who was in charge of the class, commented the following: “Through this class, I hope that students from both sides will be inspired to think about various global issues such as gender equality, health disparities, and environmental problems. I would like to continue the exchange classes with the University of Ljubljana in the future.”