Online Joint Class with the University of Northern Iowa

11/18/2022 Topics

  On Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, University of Yamanashi held a long distance, joint class with their partner, University of Northern Iowa (USA).
 The participants included students enrolled in “Introduction to Linguistics,” taught by Professor Joshua Gordon of University of Northern Iowa, and students enrolled in “How to Effectively Study a Foreign Language,” taught by Assistant Professor Takanori Aida of University of Yamanashi.
 The class was structured in two parts. In the first part, Professor Joshua Gordon from UNI gave a lecture under the title ‘language acquisition’ on the process of language acquisition from birth, comparisons between mother tongue and second language acquisition, and factors influencing second language acquisition.
   In the second part of the lecture, entitled ‘Anxiety in learning a foreign language’, Associate Professor Aida gave a lecture on what this anxiety is and how this anxiety affects foreign language learners.
   Students commented that they had never thought deeply about the process of language acquisition, but that they had made new discoveries in this class. Also, they mentioned that they had a negative impression on anxiety, but they learned that anxiety also has the positive effect of motivating them to study.
  Assistant Professor Aida, who was in charge of the class, commented the following: “As was the case last year, the discussions were very meaningful. I expect that students with various foreign language learning and teaching experiences will be able to consider ‘foreign language learning’ from a more multifaceted perspective through these discussions. I would like to continue to do my best to provide such international learning opportunities to our students.”
  At the end of this class, Professor Xiaoyang Mao, the vice president of University of Yamanashi and the Director of the Center for International Education and Exchange, commented “The lectures by the professors were excellent and the group work was very meaningful, with students from both universities actively exchanging opinions. I hope that the joint classes will continue in the future to deepen exchanges between the two universities”.