Student Exchange program (outgoing) resumed

10/24/2022 English

 Student exchange program with our partner universities, which was suspended after 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed in this September. Four students, two to Oxford Brooks University in United Kingdom and two to Technology University, Dresden in Germany, started to study abroad.
 One month has passed since the start of the study abroad program, and we have received monthly report from students saying, “getting used to live in UK/Germany”,  “making friends with local students and students from other countries, and helping each other” and “There are still times when I cannot hear or say what I want to say in class or during conversations, but I try to communicate actively as much as possible and write down new words and phrases in my notebook when I see them, so that I can try and use them myself”.
 Even though they are busy with classes starting as soon as they arrive, they seem to be having a fulfilling study abroad experience, enjoying local life, walking around the city, and interacting with other students.