Entrance Ceremony for “Yamanashi Junior Doctor Training Nature School”

09/12/2022 English

 On Sunday, September 11, 2022, the entrance ceremony for “Yamanashi Junior Training School” was held at Kofu campus, 47students enrolled in the school as the first term students.
 The Yamanashi Junior Training School is the educational program to aim for training foster scientists who will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society for fifth- through ninth-graders in and out of the prefecture.
 At the ceremony, President Shimada said” We hope that this program will help you discover, deepen, and develop what you love, keep you highly interested and motivated in science and technology, and nurture you into the next generation of scientists who will lead the future of science, technology, and innovation.”
 As a representative of the students, Hineno Furuya, a fifth grader, said, “I want to open my dreams and heart fully with unbridled curiosity and inquisitiveness, and pursue what I love to the fullest.” and, Kaito Nakamura, a first-year junior high school student, said, “I love the ocean. I want to be a part of protecting the future of the ocean from Yamanashi, where there is no ocean, by participating in the training school, deepening my knowledge, and conducting research that will be useful for the environment.
 The students will participate in lectures and experiments at the university and in fieldworks at the UNESCO Eco Park in Minami-Alps City.
 ※ Please check on the Website of the” Yamanashi Junior Training School” .