University of Yamanashi joins Yamanashi SDGs Action Platform

09/12/2022 English

 On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the establishment ceremony of the Yamanashi SDGs Action Platform was held at the Yamanashi prefectural government office.
 The platform established to achieve a sustainable and inclusive society by supporting actions for the goals of the SDGs.
 There are 34 organizations, financial institutions, economic organizations, universities, and media outlets in the prefecture, and we will use our respective positions to provide support and promote awareness of the SDGs.
 At the ceremony, Kotaro Nagasaki,  Governor of Yamanashi prefecture said,” We would like to promote activities in the prefecture by spreading awareness of our philosophy and providing advices and support for businesses’ activities, centered on the platform.”
 Nobuhiro Kumada, Executive Director for the SDGs promotion said, “In this platform for the promotion of the SDGs, our university is expected to be a core university in Yamanashi Prefecture, especially in terms of human resource development.”
 We will further strengthen our efforts toward the SDGs in cooperation with this platform, aiming to realize a society that “leaves no one behind,” which is the slogan of the SDGs.