Online Joint Class with the University of Northern Iowa

11/22/2021 Topics

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, as an initiative to promote new international education using ICT in the age of Covid-19, an online international joint class was held with the University of Northern Iowa, USA, with whom the University of Yamanashi has an inter-university exchange agreement.

Assistant Professor Takanori Aida, who teaches the class “How to Effectively Study a Foreign Language” at the University of Yamanashi and is a member of the Centre for International Education and Exchange, conducted the first class. Students from both the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Yamanashi were in attendance.

The joint online class utilize the functions of an online conference system and incorporate a workshop style aimed at motivating students to learn and interact across borders, even in situations where travel abroad is difficult due to Covid-19. The joint classes will be held twice in total, and students from both universities who participate will receive class credit.

Assistant Professor Aida commented: “We held two classes regarding the theme of ‘Emotional Aspects of Foreign Language Learning.’ There, we discussed the impact of the affective aspects of foreign language learning, the main causes and how to deal with them. All the students were very active in speaking and exchanging opinions, which helped to broaden their horizons. Also, in each class, students discussed how to apply the content of the lessons into their own learning and teaching in order to put them into practice. It was a very precious discussion, especially for the students, who want to be language teachers or who are interested in learning foreign languages. We will actively continue to organize joint classes with overseas universities to provide students with opportunities to discuss with the world. We would be happy if we could contribute to the development of people with global talent through international joint classes like this.”