Engineering students participated in international exchange camp at Sichuan University, China.

08/02/2019 English

 Students from Faculty of Engineering participated in the University Immersion Program (UIP) 2019 held at Sichuan University, China. The UIP provides various activities for hundreds of students from over 30 countries and regions, aiming at cultivating their global perspective. “Sparks & Sprout”, which is a camp program organized by College of Software Engineering at Sichuan University, was held from June 29th to July 9th. Seventeen students from University of Yamanashi (16 students from Department of Computer Science and Engineering and one student from Department of Mechatronics) joined the camp program.

 The camp program involves various activities such as an intensive course lectured by leading-edge researchers in the area of computer science, a tour to university museums, presentations of software development projects, and also experiences to learn Chinese culture and history.

 It is a part of our mid-term plan to provide the students opportunities to work with international researchers and students by developing global partnership. Participating in this camp have strengthened the partnership with Sichuan University and provided the students valuable experiences of cultural exchange and international team work.