Dr. Minsu Kim and Mr. Tomoya Aizawa (Master’s 2nd Grade) received award at The 35th International Korea-Japan Seminar on Ceramics.

12/11/2018 English

 Dr. Minsu Kim (Researcher, Department of Applied Chemistry) was awarded a Young Ceramist Best Presentation Award at The 35th International Korea-Japan Seminar on Ceramics (21-24 November 2018). Dr. Kim reported on the fabrication of 85(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3–15 hexagonal BaTiO3 green body by the electrophoretic deposition method under a high magnetic field.

 Mr. Tomoya Aizawa (M2, Applied Chemistry Course, Wada laboratory) was also awarded an Outstanding Poster Award at the conference. Mr. Aizawa investigated the relationship between sintering conditions of BiFeO3-based piezoelectric ceramics (oxygen partial pressure, post-annealing durations and so on) and their piezoelectric properties.