Department of Integrated Applied Life Science

Encompassing the three fields of medicine, engineering and agriculture, our goal is to integrate and apply the knowledge and technology of each field to discover multiple innovative ways to solve problems related to health, the most eternal and universal issue for humankind.  To achieve this goal, we train highly specialized professionals and researchers, who can contribute to the development of society and the welfare of humankind.

Agricultural Science Course

In this course, students can acquire advanced knowledge and skills in academic fields related to fermentation and food.  We train human resources who can play an active role in industrial fields related to food, health and the environment.

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Biomedical Science Course

In this course, we train students to play an active role in medical institutions as healthcare professionals with advanced specialized knowledge in fields such as epidemiology and neuroscience.

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Bioengineering Course

In this course, students are trained to play an active role in industries related to biology, regenerative medicine and assisted reproductive technology through study of and specialized training in advanced biotechnology techniques, including developmental engineering and related biotechnological fields.

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