Graduate School of Engineering


Fostering individuals to contribute to society as specialists and researchers with advanced specialized knowledge and capabilities

In the Engineering program, skilled researchers adopt an international perspective in creatively advancing academic research to contribute to solutions of important issues faced by modern society. These same researchers work alongside professionals with advanced specialized knowledge and capabilities to engage in much needed education and research.

This program provides the following courses:

Mechanical Engineering production technologies, transportation equipment, power, medical engineering, and so on.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering electronic and optical devices, circuit design, power control, telecommunications, and so on.
Computer Science Engineering technology to analyze, learn, predict and manipulate information.
Mechatronics comprehensive knowledge of equipment, electricity, and information.
Civil and Environmental Engineering specializing in the creation of a safe and sustainable society in harmony with the environment.
Applied Chemistry organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and so on.
Advanced Materials Science advanced electronic devices and new functional material development.

In each course, students acquire specialized knowledge and development capabilities, ability to find and solve problems, and international communication skills to be competent for contributing to society as specialists and researchers.