Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences


Fostering individuals to contribute to solving complex, diverse, and critical issues universal to mankind

In the Life and Environmental Sciences program, classes and research are related to life, food, environment, and business. By considering an approach that combines natural with social sciences, the program develops problem-solving skills for resolving complex and diverse issues related to “food and health” as well as “life and environment,” which are recognized as critical and universal and becoming more so every day.

This program provides the following courses:

Bio-sciences education and research in life sciences and biotechnology.
Food, Enology, and Viticulture education and research in the production of raw materials for food, processing and sales, food safety, and other aspects of the food industry and experiential education in enology and viticulture.
Regional Environmental Management education and research related to the environment and energy, regional economies and business management, and government administration.

We seek students who have the desire to understand issues related to “food and health” and “life and environment” through their connections with social, economic, and government systems, analyze these problems using the knowledge of natural sciences, and synthesize solutions via policy and technological innovation.