Graduate School of Biomedical Science


Fostering highly specialized biomedical professionals to actively work in settings of a medical institution or administration of welfare and healthcare

This program educates researchers and engineers working on future healthcare and life sciences as well as highly specialized professionals capable of implementing research results in social medicine and health sciences in medical institutions and administration of welfare and healthcare.

A melding of medicine, engineering, and agriculture as well as a combination of arts and sciences provide a relatively greater level of substance to educational programs. Such relatively broader horizons provide an educational program that encompasses latest developments in life sciences and the most advanced healthcare technology. Moreover, new students who have yet to study medicine are indoctrinated into learning healthcare fundamentals. This program makes a point of nurturing healthcare and medical research ethics for advanced engineers to engender a foundation in ethics, legal understanding, and social issues. Our practical research and education are geared toward solving specific problems occurring in a workplace to develop positions for working students in healthcare, government, and educational organizations to learn advanced technologies and continue to further develop their educational foundation.

In addition, we assign a faculty member as a supervisor to each newly admitted student prior to the start of his/her studies so that he/she may receive guidance immediately after being enrolled to facilitate a smooth transition into his/her field of research. These supervisors come from a broad range of research fields, from life sciences to social medicine and clinical research, and they can provide education and counseling that completely meet the diverse needs of students.