Graduate School of Education


Fostering researchers and professionals to deal with diversifying educational problems and contribute to improving the community and culture

Social circumstances involving children continue to cause major changes. This program develops practical abilities and specialized competencies in new researchers and professionals for responding to diverse educational issues to improve the community and culture through education.

In the Science of Educational Support program, we protect the right of every child to receive education while pursuing educational practice and prepare an education system that responds to and supports the developmental needs of children. Our goal is to produce new scientific research methods and findings for improving education support that forms a strong foundation for new educational practices and leverages these same methods.

The Science of Teaching and Learning program advances basic research related to essential findings and educational material research and teaching methods that form the core of education in each field of culture based on cultural characteristics and the education thereof. The program aims at deepening specialized knowledge related to courses and educational content and nurturing the ability to develop teaching sequences and methods. There are five courses in the program: language and culture, social culture, science culture, art culture, and physical culture.