Faculty of Engineering



Students seeking relatively higher learning opportunities to become engineers and contribute to society must have the will to learn, basic academic skills, logical reasoning abilities, and strong communication skills.

Educational Objectives

In addition to acquiring basic and specialized academic knowledge and skills along with the ability to logically and expressively communicate, students must understand the responsibilities that engineers have to society and the impact of their work on society and the natural environment. This faculty develops individuals who can create solutions to important social issues through scientific findings and the technology of engineering design.

Nurturing engineers to take advantage of advanced technologies and complete research to be successful on the world stage

Engineering is an explanation of various phenomena from a natural sciences perspective as well as the development of new technologies, but it is also a field of study that makes practical use of these skills to imagine and bring to life equipment, products, and environments useful to society that contribute to the happiness of mankind.

In this faculty, we strive to develop engineers who can demonstrate the ability to create technological innovations in order to become internationally successful. We provide education tailored to an individual imparted under the careful direction of teachers in small classroom settings and through the study of applied methods and proven academic theories.

The field of engineering continues to evolve in a remarkable manner. For those contemplating a successful career as an engineer in the global marketplace, why not take your first step into this world by gaining advanced skills and knowledge in this faculty?