Faculty of Medicine



We seek individuals who display a deep interest in medicine and a passion for lifelong learning. Prospective students must exhibit logical thinking, comprehensive understanding of complex information, and outstanding problem-solving skills.

Educational Objectives

  1. Make constant alterations and improvements to education and research organizations.
  2. Provide outstanding medicine, life sciences, nursing, and healthcare education programs to students.
  3. Engage in unique research in specialized academic fields.
  4. Be regularly assessed by external entities in regard to education and research outcomes and continually strive for improvement.
  5. Promote intellectual exchanges and deepen partnerships with other universities and research institutions both domestic and foreign.

Creating a foundation as medical professionals and striving toward one’s dream

In addition to developing unique research activities within specialized academic fields, the School of Medicine and School of Nursing, which make up this faculty, strive to develop outstanding medical and nursing researchers and clinical professionals who will be responsible for modern medicine and healthcare and to provide educational programs with high academic impact in the fields of medicine, life sciences, nursing, and healthcare. In addition to imparting the knowledge to excel in national tests and move forward in professional goals, graduates of this faculty exhibit characters worthy of working with the sick to save precious lives.

The university hospital affiliated with the faculty serves as an educational forum for the clinical training of students. With 618 beds, this healthcare facility maintains high standards and has received designation as an advanced treatment hospital.

Faculty of Medicine