Faculty of Education



We seek individuals who display a strong interest in human culture and education, who take the initiative to seek out theoretical and practical issues, and who exhibit a passion for continually striving for achieving solutions to learn.

Educational Objectives

Future educators in this program must have a passion for education and high ability to solve problems with an eye toward lifelong learning and enriching human life through education.

Developing educators who support human development and learning in the 21st century and who have both humanity and insight into the culture of education.

In the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, we prepare educators for preschools, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and special support schools. The foundation of the faculty can be traced back to the Kitenkan Kofu School of Learning (established in 1795), which later became a branch of the Edo Shohei School. We place significant importance on our tradition of knowledge that goes back to over 200 years, but we also have faculty members with the ability to educate and guide students to meet present-day needs. These diverse faculty members specialize in many subjects such as education, literature, social science, general sciences, art, and sports and provide inspiring direction to their students. The broad fields of study here provide not only balanced education with a perspective on human development in the 21st century but also insights into humanity and the culture of education. Our student teacher ratio is 1:1.5, making our small classroom sizes very attractive.