Professor Xiaoyang Mao, Executive Director of the University of Yamanashi, Participates in JETRO Yamanashi Symposium

12/08/2023 Topics

 On November 28, 2023, Professor Xiaoyang Mao, serving as Executive Director of the University of Yamanashi, participated as a panelist in a symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary of the opening of JETRO Yamanashi and the signing of a cooperation agreement between JETRO Yamanashi and Yamanashi Chuo Bank: Overseas Market Development with Foreign Talent. The symposium was held to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Yamanashi Prefecture in their overseas expansion and export promotion, and to enhance the employment opportunities for foreign talent.
 Professor Mao participated as a panelist in the symposium’s panel discussion, where she introduced the current situation of foreign students studying at the University of Yamanashi and the educational programs offered at the university to attract outstanding foreign students. She also introduced the Yamanashi Education Program for Employment Promotion of International Students, which is designed to help international students settle in Yamanashi Prefecture and Japan, highlighting that all of the international students, who have participated in the research track of the graduate course (students can be completed only in English) this, have found employment at Japanese companies.
 The University’s proactive efforts to accept international students play an important role in promoting internationalization in the local community. The University of Yamanashi remains committed to contributing to the local community’s development through such activities.