Southwest Jiaotong University in China visited the University of Yamanashi

09/26/2023 Topics

 From September 13th to 14th, 2023, delegation from Southwest Jiaotong University in China, Professor Liu Xiaobo (Dean of Schoolof Transportation and Logistics), Professor Jian Ming (Vice dean of School of Transportation and Logistics), Professor Tang Youhua (Vice dean of School of Transportation and Logistics), and Associate Professor Yang Kun visited the University of Yamanashi.
 Southwest Jiaotong University and the University of Yamanashi concluded an exchange agreement in September 2015, and since then mutual exchange of students and faculty members and joint research, as well as double degree program with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Course of the Master’s Program in Department of Engineering has been conducted.
 The delegation first had a meeting with Executive Director Xiaoyang Mao (in charge of promoting globalization), Professor Yoshihiro Nakayama (Dean of Faculty of Engineering), Professor Hiromitsu Nishizaki (Director of Center for Promotion of Internationalization), Professor Kazuhiro Mori (Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Professor Shinichi Muto (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) to further strengthen relations and continue exchanges. And in the afternoon, the delegation also discussed the expansion of the double degree program with Professor Yoshihiro Nakayama, Professor Kazuhiro Mori, and Professor Shinichi Muto and confirmed the further exchange and strengthening of relations between the two universities in the future.
 The delegation also visited the prefecture’s natural environment, wineries and historical and cultural facilities to deepen their understanding of the prefecture and cultural exchange.