Delegation form Western Balkans and Slovenia visit University of Yamanashi

02/01/2023 Topics

 On Monday, January 30, 2023, 6 practitioners in agriculture from the Western Balkans and Slovenia visited University of Yamanashi for training in smart agricultural technology.
  At the training, Vice-President Masaru Iwasaki gave a welcome speech, and then,Vice-President Xiaoyang Mao (Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering) presented “Grape picking support using AI and smart glasses that have acquired the skills of artisans, and the development of AI-equipped cultivation support robots”; Professor Shinji Kotani’s laboratory in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering presented “Automated quarantine inspection and boxing of peaches and quality classification and inspection technology for cherries.”; Associate Professor Ryota Kataoka of the Department of Environmental Science presented “Agriculture in Yamanashi Prefecture – environment and soil – and cultivation soil environment of Akebono soybeans” .
 Furthermore, Professor Takuya Hashiguchi of Meiji University(MU), introduced Zero Agri, an automatic irrigation system developed at MU that automates irrigation and fertiliser application using IoT and AI technology, contributing to “high yield, high quality and labour saving”.
 During the smart glasses demonstration by students from the Kaya Lab, participants actually wore the smart glasses to experience a simulation of the grain picking process, and showed great interest in the latest Japanese technology.

【Participating Nation】
 Republic of North Macedonia
 Republic of Albania
 Republic of Kosovo
 Republic of Serbia
 Bosnia and Herzegovina