Supporting Evacuees From Ukraine

04/28/2022 English

 University of Yamanashi and NPO Yamanashi Foodbank started to support for 2 evacuees from Ukraine to Yamanashi.
 At the press conference on April 8, 2022, we announced that we accepted the brothers who evacuated to Yamanashi following the Russia’s invasion of their home country and decided to support their life and study.
 Food Bank Yamanashi provides them with the emotional care and the livelihood support.
 Meanwhile, at the University of Yamanashi, we accept Julian Kukeshov, who is one of the evacuees, a medical student in Ukraine to provide the learning environment and the accommodation.
 President Shinji Shimada said,” I am impressed by their willingness to learn even under such difficult circumstances. I hope he will pass the Ukrainian graduation and national medical examinations in May. “
 We just started offering the distance learning for the graduate students in Ukraine.
 National Aerospace University–Kharkiv Aviation Institute, the one of the top universities in Ukraine, requested the distance learning for the graduate students deprived of learning opportunities to us.
 We sincerely hope that the people of Ukraine will regain their normal lives as soon as possible, and we will continue to do our best to support the people of Ukraine.