3rd Dose of the COVID‑19 vaccination has started

12/03/2021 Topics

 On Tuesday, December1, 2021, the 3rd dose of COVID‑19 vaccination has started at the University Hospital.
 90 healthcare workers, who had the COVID‑19 booster shots 8 months after the 2nd dose, received the Pfizer vaccine.
 Due to the current situation with the new mutated coronavirus variant called Omicron, which confirmed the first case in Japan, there was a lot of interest in the 3rd vaccination, and we were interviewed by many of the press on the first day of the 3rd dose of the COVID‑19 vaccination.
 After the vaccination, President Shinji Shimada said,” There aren’t many side effects from the covid-19 vaccine, so I would like you to get vaccinated as soon as possible, not only for yourself but also for other people to prevent the severity”.
 We plan to vaccinate 300 people a day from December 9 and about 4,000 people, who are medical workers and medical students will get vaccinated by the end of February next year, and we also plan the 3rd dose of the vaccination in March for the approximately 50,000 people who received from the Workplace Vaccination at the University.
 We will continue to concentrate our efforts on taking counter measures against COVID-19.
*Fuji Television’s “News It! “broadcasted about the start of the 3rd dose of vaccinations.
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