Groundbreaking-ceremony was held at University of Yamanashi Hospital

11/04/2021 Topics

 On Monday, November 1,2021, Ground break-ceremony was held for the new ward at University of Yamanashi Hospital.
 We have been working on the redevelopment project of the hospital facilities. The construction of a new ward which is the 3rd stage of it has started. It will be built on the ruins of the former western and eastern words.
 The new ward of 7 stories has a building area of 1,469.00m² and a floor area of 7,951.63 m²and it plans to open in June 2023.
 In the new ward, a simulation center will be built on the fourth floor to strengthen the functions of the Clinical Education Department, and to provide an environment for education and training, and to realize the development of human resources for advanced medical care.
 The administrative department that had been located in the outpatient clinic and the central clinic will be consolidated in the new ward, and the Pharmacy Department and the Medical Engineering (ME) Center, which are medical support departments, will be enhanced to strengthen the medical support functions.
 The Department of medical information, the Department of Clinical Quality and Medical Safety Management and the Division of Infection Control and Prevention will be located closer to the new ward to provide safe medical care.
 President Shinji Shimada said,” This new ward is the final stage of the hospital’s redevelopment project, and we plan to build a simulation center to strengthen the functions of the clinical education department in the new ward.  We all will do our best to develop medical care at the new facilities.”