Honourable Datuk Borhan Dolah Director-General of Public Service Department from Malaysia paid a courtesy visit on President Shimada.

10/30/2018 English

 A delegate of Malaysia government including Honorable Datuk Seri Borhan Dolah (Director-General of Public Service Department), Honorable Datuk Dr. Rosslina bt. Mokhtar (Director of Human Capital Development Division), Mr. Zaflin Pakwanteh (Special Officer to Director-General), Mr. Abdul Ghani bin Selbi (Counselor, Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo), Mr. Nik Ahmad Syazwan Nik Azman (First Secretary of Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo) and Ms. Tomoka Wakamatsu (Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo) visited University of Yamanashi on October 16, 2018.

 After paying courtesy visits to President Shinji Shimada, the group visited the Fuel Cell Nano Materials Research Center and hold a meeting with the students sponsored by Malaysian government.

 More than 80 Malaysian government sponsored students have graduated from our university so far and are active in various fields in Malaysia. Thirty-two international students are currently enrolled from Malaysia, 23 of whom are government-sponsored students. Opinion exchange were also held on the topics such as the supporting to the Malaysian students and the collaborations between Malaysian universities and university of Yamanashi.