International Exchange Camp for Freshman International Students and Student Support Volunteers.

06/04/2018 English

  May 12th Sat. To 13th Sun., 2018, International exchange camp for freshman international undergraduate students and student support volunteers was held at an accommodation by Lake Yamanaka. 10 freshman international students and 17 support volunteers participated in the camp.

  Participants visited the world heritage site, Oshino Hakkai, and were divided into internationally mixed teams to work on the assignment that required them to take pictures, which shows good cross-culture examples between Japan and the home country of the international students. Students of all teams walked around to find the good examples, eagerly exchanging their opinions , while enjoying the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji and beautiful Oshino Hakkai at the same time.

  The photo competition was held at that night. Each teams introduced their partners with good humor and made a presentation about the best picture of the team. Pictures which most likely to get a lot of “like the most” on Instagrams and shows the best piece of cross culture were voted as best works.    

  From the questionairy survey after the camp, we could see that many of the students felt the invisible walls between each other disappeared, became more eager to spend time together, and to have more interest in different cultures. The camp was very successful to have participated students get to know each other better.