Professor Delanghe from University of Pau visited University of Yamanashi

04/05/2018 English

 On March 19th, Professor Beñat Delanghe, the Director of Department of Physics-chemistry from University of Pau, visited University of Yamanashi and had a courtesy call on President Shimada.

 President Shimada visited Pau, the sister city of Kofu, in February 2016. At the time of the visit, both the Presidents of University of Yamanashi and University of Pau had an agreement on looking into launching an exchange of researchers and students, and research collaboration, in the presence of Mayor Bayrou. Based on the agreement, President Shimada and Professor Delanghe exchanged opinions regarding the future MOU.

 Professor Kazama from the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences joined the opinion exchange meeting. Prof. Kazama has kept a friendship with Professor Delanghe, since he belonged to the University of Yamanashi as a postdoctoral researcher, and also because they are in the same research field, water environment, having activities in developing countries.